A Deep Dive into Google's Most Searched in Greece 2023

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As the year draws to a close, Google has published the most popular searches in Greece for 2023. By revealing the most frequent searches of its users in Greece, it provides us with insights into what truly occupied the minds of the Greek public.

So, who were the most searched-for faces in 2023, which sports events captured their attention, and what were the most fundamental questions Greek users had for Google?

It's important to note that the words and phrases published by Google correspond to those that saw the greatest increase in searches throughout the year, not necessarily those with the highest overall search volume.

Topping the list of people who engaged the Greek public in 2023 is Sin Boy. The young trapper sparked significant discussion when rumors of his death circulated.

Immediately following is Stefanos Kasselakis, whose sudden entry into the country's political life piqued the curiosity of Greek Google users. The internal feud within SYRIZA also occupied the public, as evidenced by the searches for Efi Ahtsioglou, whose name appears in tenth place.


  1. Sin Boy
  2. Stefanos Kasselakis
  3. Odysseus Stamoulis
  4. Alexis Georgoulis
  5. Haris Doukas
  6. Kostas Sloukas
  7. Nikos Koklonis
  8. Andrew Tate
  9. Dimitra Vamvakousis
  10. Efi Ahtsioglou

Tragically, Odysseus Stamoulis comes in third on the list of top searches for people. In 2023, the actor suffered the devastating loss of his 11-year-old son, who drowned while on vacation in Fournos, Ikaria.

Searches for Alexis Georgoulis, whose name was embroiled in a sexual abuse case, also increased significantly compared to the previous year.

Additionally, Harry Doukas, who defeated Kostas Bakoyannis in the mayoral race for Athens, generated a high volume of searches. Following closely behind in sixth place is Kostas Sloukas, whose much-celebrated transfer to Panathinaikos captured public attention.

In seventh place sits Nikos Koklonis, due to the extensive media coverage surrounding his involvement in a highly publicized court case.

The Greek public also seems to remain fascinated by Andrew Tate, the only non-Greek individual on the list. The British influencer, facing serious charges, continues to pique the interest of Greeks, according to user searches.

From the theater world, Dimitra Vamvakousis, now married to Survivor winner Giorgos Angelopoulos, also makes an appearance on the Google list.

The renowned search engine also published the most searched-for missing persons of 2023.

Topping the list is actor Matthew Perry, whose potential demise seems to have preoccupied the Greek public. He, along with Tina Turner and Ken Block, are the foreign celebrities mourned by Greeks.

In second place is Marianna Vardinogianni.

Former King Constantine also appears on Google's list.

In the acting field, the untimely deaths of Ayanda Manthopoulou and Katia Nikolaidou were among the top searches in Greece.

Greek music also lost beloved artists, with Yiannis Floriniotis and Lizeta Nikolaou being among the most searched-for names by the Greek public.

Deceased Celebrities:

  1. Matthew Perry
  2. Marianna Vardinogianni
  3. Katia Nikolaidou
  4. Former King Constantine
  5. Ayanda Manthopoulos
  6. Mary Chronopoulou
  7. Lizeta Nikolaou
  8. Tina Turner
  9. Ken Block
  10. Yiannis Floriniotis

The television series that most captivated Greek audiences were Black Rose and Trapped, while the reality show Survivor All Star reigns supreme in that category.

TV Shows/Series:

  1. Black Rose
  2. Trapped
  3. Survivor All Star
  4. This Night Stays
  5. Julia's Consulate
  6. Dragon's Den
  7. The First of Us
  8. The Shipwreck
  9. Wednesday
  10. First Dates

The most common questions Greeks posed to Google reveal their concerns about potential health threats, with searches for "botulism," "streptococcus," and "leptospirosis" ranking high.

The Greek public also seemed curious about the war in Gaza, with common queries including "what are kibbutzim" and "what is Hamas."

What is:

  1. What is botulism?
  2. What is streptococcus?
  3. What is leptospirosis?
  4. What is 1237?
  5. What is LGBTQI?

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