The most exquisite lemon tarts in Athens

lemon tart

The ideal lemon tart is somewhere between sour and sweet. This taste balance makes it stand out in the preferences of fanatical sweet tooths and those who don't love sweets so much.

Also, each bite floods the mouth with the aromas of good butter and fresh lemons, so it is the ideal conclusion to a rich meal and the appropriate accompaniment to a nice coffee.

The truth is that it is a sweet that is very loved by the Greeks, especially in recent years, although it does not belong to our tradition and culture. Technically, it has its secrets for baking properly, the cream to set, and the meringue to become fluffy and stand. For all these reasons, the pastry shops that achieve it stand out and are worth visiting to enjoy it.

All about lemon

All About Lemon

Dedicated almost entirely to lemon sweets, this patisserie is the delight of those who love sour desserts. The classic lemon pie is exemplary: thin, crispy dough, velvety cream with a strong lemon flavour and a thick layer of fluffy meringue.

All About Lemon

Equally delightful is the tart with lemon cream; it is extremely aromatic and leaves an interesting aftertaste.

Str. Al. 4 Papagou Street, Chalandri, tel. 210 6250 237



Beautiful and elegant, she wins impressions first of all with her appearance. However, its layered flavour and alternating textures remain its biggest competitive advantages. Crisp and buttery tart with financier lemon on the base, citrus jelly and lemon-lime cream in the centre, and airy Italian meringue on top with lots of lemon confit and fresh lemon thyme.

Hellinoserviki Filias 64, Agia Paraskevi, tel. 211 1114 172

Παπασπύρου (Papaspirou)

Παπασπύρου (Papaspirou)

For eight decades, the Papaspirou family has kept the quality and taste bar high. Their lemon tart is balanced since the sweet and sour taste is equally heard in the mouth without one of the two overpowering.

The dough, as thin as it should be, gives the necessary crunchy element while the meringue melts in the mouth. The corresponding tarts are eaten two by two, so choose a large box.

Tatoiou 100 & Kolokotroni 29, tel. 210 6204 836

Κοσμίδης (Kosmidis)

Kosmidis lemon tart fanatics describe it as "divine". Made exactly as it deserves with golden baked butter dough, exemplary cream and a generous layer of meringue, it is the shop's specialty.

It is always fresh and irresistible, perfect for a holiday treat or gift.

49 Veikou Street, Koukaki, tel. 210 9218 252

Despina (Δέσποινα)

The best-seller may be the mille-feuille, but the lemon tart is slightly behind. Its base is medium in thickness and rubs in nicely due to the fresh butter, and the cream is quite lemony with a silky texture. On top, mint meringue, burnt on the surface, completes the taste of the whole and makes the dessert impressive, especially in the family size.

2 Thrakis, Filothei, tel. 210 6831 224

Εκλεκτή (Eklekti)

The secrets of this beautiful lemon tart are the pure ingredients and the perfect technique. Their cookie is well-baked and fragrant; the filling is generous in lemony aromas, sweet and sour as needed to balance with the rich meringue that covers it.

Astydamantos 15, Pagrati, tel. 210 7243 193

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