AEK bids farewell to Kostas Nestoridis - The last farewell to the legendary footballer

Kostas Nestoridis AEK

The last goodbye to the legendary Kostas Nestoridis is being said by friends, relatives, AEK and Greek football.

Since 11 in the morning, his body has been placed on a popular pilgrimage to the Holy Church of the Holy Trinity in New Philadelphia, next to the stadium, where he made history wearing the jersey of his favourite team.

Many people have passed and continue to pass through the temple to say their last "farewell" to one of the country's greatest football players, who wore the AEK jersey, with the coffin wrapped in the flag of the club.

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The funeral service will be held at 14:00 at the Holy Church of Agia Triada in Nea Philadelphia, while his burial will occur in the Kallithea cemetery.

The family of Kostas Nestoridis wishes that instead of wreaths, money be deposited in the box of the "Pistis" Association of Parents and Guardians of Children with Cancer, which will exist in Agia Triada, as well as in the Kallithea cemetery.

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