Salt Bae opened a restaurant with Greek cuisine in Istanbul - The concert of Remos and the zeibekiko they danced

Salt Bae, Nusret Gökçe, Nusr-Et, Antonis Remos

A few months after the closing of the restaurant in New York and the decline of the rest of his stores, the Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, better known as "Salt Bae", proceeded to a new business venture, which featured Antonis Remos.

Salt Bae, Nusret Gökçe, Nusr-Et, Antonis Remos

After the "golden" steaks of 2,400 euros, the burgers of 170 dollars, and the milkshake of 99, there followed a flurry of lawsuits against him from his former employees, who accused him of stealing tips, stressing that working in his stores is like the... Hunger Games. However, it seems Nusret was not deterred and opened a restaurant in Istanbul serving Greek cuisine.

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The announcement was made last October when Nusret Gökçe wrote on Instagram: “I have good news for you. We are opening our unique, Orjinal Greek restaurant in Istanbul very soon."

In the video, he appeared hugging Antonis Remos, who, as she can be heard saying, would be at the opening of the store.

The Greek singer kept his promise and was at Nusret's new store, even giving a concert.

During the evening, the two men danced zeibekiko, while in the video shared on social media, the Greek singer speaks in the best words about the chef, saying that he is unique and loved.

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