Perfect romantic winter getaways all over Greece - 4 destinations

Konitsa bridge winter

The only things better in the world than the summer holidays are the winter holidays, specifically those of December and January, right there between the holidays.

If you disagree, this year is the chance to reconsider and find the warmth of winter in the company of your partner. Create memories with the aroma of a fireplace, hot chocolate and woollen, tight hugs from one end of Greece to the other.

Escape to the villages of Pelion


Couples even go to Pelion for their honeymoon and do very well. It is a highly romantic destination with beauties equally divided between mountain and sea.

The noblewoman Makrinitsa, the picturesque Chania (the most mountainous village) and the beautiful Portaria will give you walks, tasty delights and a festive feast of inestimable value.

In Portaria, visit the Folklore Museum and then wander the cobbled streets for shopping. Give each other a lovely gift and sip a glass of wine in one of the cosmopolitan tavernas of Merkouri Square.

The view from Portaria to Makrinitsa in Pelion. Photo: Periklis Merakos
The view from Portaria to Makrinitsa in Pelion. Photo: Periklis Merakos

Ten minutes from Portaria by car, Makrinitsa, with its stone-built houses and paved square, will be waiting for you for coffee and dessert with a view of Volos.

An economical solution, however, is to choose Chania as your headquarters, which unites eastern and western Pelion.

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Taste beans and spetzofai, but also take a delightful hike if you love nature and adventure since the village is perched on the slopes, very close to the ski resort.

The calm power of Parnon for only two

Parnon, the mountain that separates Arcadia from Lakonia, is addressed to all those who love peaceful excursions, full of moments of rest for the eyes and the spirit, with enchanting nature and dozens of shades of green and traditional glamour.

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Kastanitsa, Polidroso, Kosmas, Ano Doliana and Karies are five villages you will enjoy walking through and savouring the local specialties: Trachan soup, boiled goat and Barduniotikos rooster, among other delicacies.

On the other hand, the broader area of ​​Parnon is particularly suitable if you are a more "extreme" couple since the mountain offers hiking, climbing, and mountain biking options.

Fairytale Konitsa - completely in love


Every self-respecting folktale has a blue river, a green gorge, maybe even an arched bridge, and an imposing mansion. Konitsa has all these and will find a way to blow your mind if you consider it the perfect starting point for forest paths.

If your adventurous spirit gets you, know that you are in the right place: paragliding, rafting, canoe kayaking, mountain biking and nature walks are just some options. The single-arched bridge built in 1870 is the largest (of its kind) in Europe and offers a beautiful view of the gorge of Aoos.

The green plain that stretches below Konitsa will make you a poet, as it looks like it was taken from a painting. And what will you not do in Konitsa: walk hand in hand in the streets, between the old mansions and the newer houses, beautiful churches and monasteries, stone bridges, and outstanding local handicrafts.

All the beauty of Epirus, the tasty tradition with thespian pies and strong tsipouro, and the inimitable generosity and hospitality of the locals will make you come back soon, maybe earlier than next winter.

Warm hugs and fun in Kastoria


Between the Vitsi mountains and Grammo, the petrified forests are also worth a visit, and the Dragon Cave, in Makrochoristands, imposingly in the time that only seems to flatter it.

Paddle the lake and walk into town for food and drink. Kastoria is the perfect place to shop if you love furs and want to find the best ones. Great soft slippers, bags and coats, all at your feet.

Choose to visit it after the holidays, i.e. the first week of January. You will also see the traditional, unique carnival, which the locals call "Ragutsaria".

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