Albanian Man Wanted for Shootings in Gazi, Athens

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The 37-year-old man from Albania is the individual sought by authorities as the main suspect for the shootings in Gazi, which resulted in the serious injury of three young children from Crete.
As it was made known, on Sunday evening, the personnel of the Extortion Department managed to "unearth" and apprehend his accomplice, a 33-year-old man from Albania.

After his arrest, the man is alleged to have informed the police that he did not expect things to unfold this way as he believed it was a simple altercation.

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Albanian Man Wanted for Shootings in Gazi, Athens 1

He also added that he did not anticipate the other man would open fire. "It was just a quarrel and I slapped him. I didn't expect him to shoot," he is said to have claimed.
Additionally, according to information from police sources, the dark-colored jeep of the perpetrators was located in the morning and was transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigations for fingerprints.
It is reminded that the culprits have been identified and are purportedly involved in night circuits in the broader area.

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