Which countries consume the most beer: Where does Greece rank?

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Which country is the champion in beer consumption, and where does Greece rank?

Beer is one of the most beloved and consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. Huge quantities are drunk every day, especially in Europe.

But which country has the lead in this field?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, cited by the website Landgeist, this is the Czech Republic, whose residents drink on average 135 litres per person.

Behind the Czechs, there are also other Central European countries. Austria is in second place with 126 litres per inhabitant per year, and Poland is in third place with 114 litres.

In fourth place is Germany with 111 litres, while the fifth country with the highest beer consumption - and the first outside of Central Europe - with 107 litres, is Romania

Below the limit of 100 litres per year, we find countries such as Latvia and Ireland, with 98 liters each, and Croatia, with 95 litres. Spain is also among the ten countries with the highest beer consumption, ranking ninth with an average of 93 litres.

Although in Greece we love beer quite a bit, our country is quite low on this list. More specifically, we are among the countries with the lowest beer consumption per capita per year since we consume only 43 litres.

Italy is with us with 40 litres, but also France with 50 and Portugal with 52. However, the country with the least beer consumption is Turkey, with only 13 litres per inhabitant per year, followed by Moldova with 31 litres and Albania with 35 litres.

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