Notis Sfakianakis is ready to make a big comeback in the coming months!

Notis Sfakianakis, George Arsenakos

George Arsenakos confirmed Notis Sfakianakis' return to singing at noon on Wednesday, December 20.

The CEO of the record company Panik Records was a guest on the "Super Katerina" show and mentioned Notis Sfakianakis: "We have a record collaboration, a trilogy. We have released the first two parts and are now waiting for him to release the horeftiko part as well."

Finally, he emphasised that: "We are in contact, and we want to return with the third part of the trilogy, with horeftiko songs that he has already chosen during the quarantine. We are waiting for whenever he feels ready, and his soul takes it out, to come, to present the third part and to do all the things he has to do because Notis has many things."

On Tuesday, November 7, a Mega report stated that the singer "is ready to make a big comeback in the coming months."

Discussing the above on the "Sousou Morning" show, Eleni Tsolaki cited sources according to which the singer "although he has begun to think about it, he will not do it this year."

In more detail, the presenter said: "We learn that this year, at the moment we speak, he is in discussions for a collaboration which is in the works for the return of the great Notis Sfakianakis. Notis Sfakianakis currently does not intend to return to the nightlife of Athens; it is something he is considering.

"He is flirting with the idea, and we must say that after 2020, when we last saw him, he wanted to isolate himself because he saw the climate of the world not to be in favour. Now that he sees that people are asking for him, he thinks about it, too. But this will not happen this year,.

"His direct partners have already found other jobs this winter, and this shows that if it were something Notis was immediately thinking about, i.e. returning to the stage in December, he would try to keep his own people. It looks like October 2024 will be the month he returns. If it doesn't happen, even then, things will probably go back a long way".

Furthermore, it was mentioned in the show that: "They make proposals to him every year; there has yet to be a season where he hasn't had a proposal. I also know that Panik was looking for him because there are recorded songs of his that have not been released to see if he wants to make at least a label come back, and he was negative because his psychological state was not like that. Also, businessmen have conveyed that their "fee" is fixed. He does not do financial negotiations."

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