Pakistani illegally in Greece and assaulted an 86-year-old Cretan woman in her home was let free!

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The local community of Ierapetra in Crete was outraged by the decision to release with restrictive conditions until the trial of the case of the 26-year-old Pakistani who last week attacked an 86-year-old woman in her own home and almost killed her!

The accused Pakistani, who crippled the older woman, passed the threshold of the investigator yesterday. After his testimony, he returned to his home... undeterred because his offences were judged to be a misdemeanour and not a felony, News Break reported.

This decision has upset Mrs Eleni, who experienced an absolute nightmare at his hands, and the rest of the residents of the area, who now live with the feeling of insecurity since he can move among them undisturbed! After all, there is no guarantee that the unscrupulous Pakistani will not break into a house again in broad daylight to steal or assault someone.

The Chronicle of Horror

It is recalled that the Pakistani, who is accused of causing dangerous bodily harm and disturbing domestic peace, had broken into Mrs Eleni's house in Gra Lygia, Ierapetra, and he beat her mercilessly.

He probably intended to rob her, but in the end, he left empty-handed, having previously inflicted multiple injuries on the older woman.

Mrs Eleni managed to recognise the 26-year-old man from the hospital.

The chilling attack unfolded at noon last Thursday when the Pakistani man, who is in the country illegally, barged into the 86-year-old woman's ground-floor apartment through the unsecured entrance and began beating her mercilessly.

He tried to suffocate her, but finally, the older woman managed to slip away, and then he put her on her feet. Later that day, he was spotted and arrested by residents of Gra Lygia.

“He wanted to kill me. He hit me with particular ferocity in the face with one hand. With the other, he had closed my mouth and nose, cutting off my breath, to cause my death by suffocation," said Eleni Balothiari after the attack.

"I want the Greek Justice to condemn him as he deserves. I don't want them to kill him but to sentence him to life imprisonment," she added.

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