BREAKING: European Court of Justice rules that neither UEFA nor FIFA can impose sanctions on clubs that participate in alternative competitions such as the European Super League

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The European Super League, involved 12 of Europe's biggest clubs. However, the ruling today does not mean that a competition such as this must necessarily be approved.

FIFA and UEFA acted illegally in blocking the creation of the European Super League (ESL), the European Union's top court has ruled.

The court had been asked to decide whether the two bodies acted against competition law by blocking the formation of the league in 2021 and then seeking to sanction the clubs involved.

It ruled on Thursday that such rules were "contrary to EU law, contrary to competition law and the freedom to provide services", adding that FIFA and UEFA were abusing their dominant position in football.

The European Court Of Justice's ruling does not mean that a competition such as the Super League must necessarily be approved.

The court said it "does not rule on that specific project in its judgement".

The proposed league, involving 12 of Europe's biggest clubs including six English teams, collapsed shortly after it was announced in April 2021, sparking widespread condemnation.

Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Manchester City were forced to pull out amid a furious backlash from rivals, fans and politicians.

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