Fenia Doukoglou Brings Joy to Her Viewers

Fenia Doukoglou

Fenia Doukoglou is a multi-talented individual who seamlessly blends her passion for literature with the art of television presentation.

As a TV presenter and literature teacher, Fenia captivates her audience with a unique blend of charisma and intellectual insight. Her show not only delves into the world of literature but also serves as a source of joy and inspiration for her viewers.

Fenia can bring complex literary concepts to life, making them accessible and enjoyable for a wide audience. Beyond the screen, she extends her influence into the community through her dedicated volunteer work, embodying a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Fenia Doukoglou is not just a presenter but a beacon of positivity, using her platform to spread happiness, knowledge, and a love for literature.


How did you create and develop the idea for the show “Fenia’s Company Of Friends” (Greek title: “Παρέα Με Την Φένια and what is the goal of the show?

The idea for the show was developed when I returned home after my studies from Komotini to Alexandroupoli! I always wanted to contribute to my hometown in my own way, so I thought of creating a show that would focus on young people. I wanted to be able to create daily content in my unique way while staying connected to the blessed region called Evros! The show's goal was to create a program that embraces all aspects of art, featuring young individuals doing something special and all citizens, whether known or unknown, who have contributed their own way and beautified the world through their achievements. The main aim was to bring people together in their homes, in shops, and wherever they are, reminding them that life needs a good mood, a smile, a positive character and that everything flows more beautifully that way!

Can you tell us about your experience as a presenter on the channel Thraki NET?

My experience in the first year and this year has been unique! Every day is different and unique; I always have a little anxiety because I am a perfectionist and want everything to be perfect. This sometimes stresses me even more. I have a wonderful team, and I thank them all for their support. The role of presenting feels very familiar to me, and this is also due to my studies in philology because we did many presentations of projects, making it easy for me to address an audience and explain linguistic and philological phenomena, let alone speak to an audience about culture, arts, and letters!

How do you balance the role of a Greek Literature teacher with that of a TV presenter?

These two roles easily combine because, you know, the most significant journalists have a first degree in literature or law. Therefore, they are two roles that share the common denominator of well-structured speech!

How did your journalistic career start, and what were the most significant moments and collaborations along the way?

My journalistic career started with a website in Alexandroupoli. My first interview was the most important, as it was my first contact with the journalism profession and was related to my field of expertise. My first interview was with a creative child employment centre, and then I followed with interviews with well-known singers, actors, and people from the local community in Alexandroupoli.

How does your voluntary contribution contribute to the community, and what actions have you taken in this area?

I would say volunteerism is an act through which we can give life! I have dedicated all my adult years to it and will continue to do so because I feel stronger. Without volunteerism, a city is without hope. I have volunteered at the SOS Children's Villages in Komotini and participated in many actions of both the municipality of Komotini and the municipality of Alexandroupoli.

How do you see the new generation, and what is its role in our society?

The youngsters today have changed significantly; the ideals of past eras have faded away, perhaps due to the older generation failing to pass them on. The responsibility for lack of progress always falls on the older generation, not the younger one. As our philosophers said, older individuals carry a greater burden because they must guide the young with knowledge and tools. The positive aspect is that younger generations are much smarter and more adaptable than their predecessors. The role of the youth is clear: to envision the future with optimism and strive for the best for their community because the youth represents the future!

How do television and social media influence the new generation, and what is the main message you want to convey through them?

Unfortunately, I often say that social media, in particular, has deconstructed the meaning of life, overturned everything, distanced everyone, and made human interactions impersonal. In the world of mobile devices, everything seems beautiful and ideal, but a closer look reveals sadness and imbalance among people. The message or thought I would like to convey through my show on Thraki ΝΕΤ for the past two years is to show the most authentic part of myself. In the era of social media, it is crucial for everyone to start revealing their truth. That is my message – if we want to showcase something, let it be the truth, and know that many will identify with you, making life more humane!

Can you share a unique experience from your activities in the field of education?

An unforgettable moment for me was when I took on a first-grade student in Komotini who only spoke Russian and needed to learn Greek. It was a shocking moment for me because I wondered how I would initially communicate with the children and teach them the basics. However, with the help of God, after 7 months, the girl could read fairy tales in Greek, and her mother cried and thanked me. I will never forget that moment. This is the magic of education!

How do you perceive the role of the family in developing young individuals?

Family is a word that can lift the whole world! Family is there at the beginning of your life, beside you in every step, but eventually, there comes a moment when your family shows you the path to spread your wings. Most parents have become overly protective today, so children fear making decisions and delaying their development. Whether it's just the mother, the father, the grandparents, or both parents, they should instil dignity and respect in their children. After that, the child will be strong enough to achieve anything.

What are your future plans and aspirations as a journalist, presenter, and educator?

I avoid making plans, and a Greek saying is that ‘God laughs when people make plans’, but my dreams include being appointed as a philologist and finally hearing the school bell ring, entering the classroom, and performing the role of an educator. Then, I aim to establish my show in my city, and for the coming years, I envision seeing people smiling everywhere. Imagine how beautiful and sweet our world would become if we all smiled!

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