Vasilopita: Peristeri will set the new record for the biggest New Year's cake - a WHOPPING 9 tons!


Christmas in Peristeri is a serious affair. After all, the Municipality of western Athens creates a big Christmas setting in its central square every year with a Christmas Market, sweets, mulled wine, thousands of lanterns, concerts and many surprises for all.

At the same time, in recent years, Peristeri has tended to break a record for the country's giant vasilopita. There, it seems that the municipality has no rival since they started in December 2021 by preparing a 5-ton king cake, divided into 35,000 pieces.

Last year, they made an even bigger one that weighed 7 tons and was cut into 50,000 pieces.

This year, therefore, the vasilopita of the municipality of Peristeri grows even more bigger.

The Guild of Bakers of Athens, Suburbs and Surroundings and the Municipality of Peristeri, in a unique celebration, will once again create the country's biggest vasilopita, which will weigh a total of 9 tons, have 65,000 pieces and many decorations that will correspond to gifts.

The big celebration of the municipality of Peristeri will start on Friday, December 29, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. in the square of the Town Hall on the renovated pedestrian street of the National Resistance. Dozens of artisanal bakeries (Neighborhood Bakeries) and experienced bakers will create the vasilopita from early in the morning.

In its preparation, students of DYPA - IEK Galatsiou will also help. Then, the vasilopita will be cut and distributed to the citizens attending the big celebration for the New Year.

As for the materials to be used? We are talking about 5.5 tons of flour, 1.7 tons of oil, 500 kg of sugar, 520 kg of baking powder, 30 kg of orange peel, 75 kg of cognac and 70 kg of ground cinnamon!

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