Christmas 2023: Paddleboarders dressed as Santa Claus crossed the Thermaikos Gulf from Thessaloniki

santa claus paddleboard

Dressed in Santa Claus costumes and in a festive mood, SUP athletes crossed the Thermaikos Gulf and sent a message that original activities that entertain and bring colour can be done in the city.


Thirty Santas participated in the 3rd SANTA SUP, organised by the adult stand-up paddleboarding section, ThesSUP, of the Thessaloniki Friends of the Sea Club.

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ThesSUP members set off from the club's premises by stand-up paddling on their boards, reached the White Tower and returned, offering a spectacular sight to those walking along the sunny Nea Paralia.

"This year, we organised SANTA SUP for the third year. We had a great time; people enjoyed it and took photos of us," said Virginia Panagiotopoulou, founder of ThesSUP, together with Georgia Evagelidis, to AMNA.

"We want to show what we can do in our city so that we, and the people who see us, can be entertained, to get away from the trivial," emphasised Ms Panagiotopoulou and invited those interested in trying SUP.

"It's very easy. With two or three lessons, they can get up, take their first walks in beautiful landscapes, and exercise their bodies. SUP is a widespread sport and hobby, as one wants to call it, which is liked by young and old and can be enjoyed by all. Anyone who wants can visit us and take a trial lesson," said Mrs Panagiotopoulou.

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