Lakis Gavalas: I miss my sisters, they haven't called me in 11 years

Lakis Gavalas

Lakis Gavalas talked about television, the Christmas he spent in prison, and his will, while he also mentioned the fact that he no longer talks to his sisters.

The well-known fashion designer gave an interview on the show "Smile Again" on Sunday, December 24.

"And if I wanted to be on Your Face Sounds Familiar, which I really wanted to, I learned that it's not going to happen, at least for the first half of 2024," Lakis Gavalas initially said.

He added: " At Giorgos Liagas, he would eat a wonderful cutlet with his hands, but because he has an otorhinolaryngological problem, he would sneeze all the time. If Katerina Kainourgiou came to my Christmas dinner, she would only eat the dessert because she would have come from four other invitations. I would give her a wonderful courabier. I would treat Fai Skorda to a treat she would have brought herself from her wonderful village. Zina Koutselini would have come in the afternoon, and we would have cooked together; I just won't let her add too much salt."

Regarding Despina Vandi's outfit, Lakis Gavalas commented: "Regardless of age, because if we say mine it doesn't suit me, I've been through 7 decades and two years. So we are not talking about age but about style. Red, in the first place, is not a stage fashion at all. Second, Despina has a great figure punctuated by those boots, clothes, and rips. Vandy is a goddess who hasn't discovered that she would be too protected in a gorgeous patterned black dress that leaves one arm or calf bare. This is my opinion."

The designer said about the Christmas he spent in prison: “On Christmas days in the prisons, I could only discipline and sing Holy Night with five other prisoners, who were very much into the music and into the notes. The only thing that bothered me was that I was the only dissenter among them. Because they see us now in prisons, let me say that it will be good for them to be disciplined, to be able to be punished and have a better year than the one or the ones that have passed so far".

He said about his relationship with his sisters: " I miss them, and every time it's holidays, I think they'll pick me up and tell me they've reviewed what happened. However, at 11 years, they still haven't. They will know something more than I do. I have a complaint, not only about these days but also because their children are growing up that I saw very young, 11 years later they have grown up, we could have been like friends with the grandchildren let's say".

Finally, Lakis Gavalas pointed out his will: "I change my will every now and then because I want to leave my personal belongings to my friends."

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