The must-have sweets for an authentic Greek Christmas (video)

Kourabiedes, sweets Melomakarona

If there is no other reason to spend Christmas in Greece, it will be because of the range of irresistible traditional Christmas sweets you will be surrounded by.

Some holiday sweets are steeped in ancient regional traditions, while others you will find throughout all of Greece, but perhaps with a local twist.

No matter where you are in Greece, you will be enchanted by the sweet aroma of baked pastries, cookies, and other foods during the holiday season. Indulge your sweet tooth this year and sample some of the most popular Christmas sweets in the country.


Who doesn’t enjoy sweet, sticky, honey glazed cookies? These are some of the most traditional Greek sweets you will find during the Christmas season. They will undoubtedly be available at every home you visit (and yes, you will be offered one wherever you go!).

They also make a meaningful traditional gift when beautifully plated or placed on holiday-themed trays.



Again with the honey! Greeks love using the combination of honey and nuts, and these fried, folded bites of heaven are no exception. These confections, made with drizzled honey over deep-fried dough, are an all-time Christmas favorite.

Originally from the Peloponnese, this is one holiday dessert you will now find all over the country.


Traditional Kourabiedes Recipe

Some make them big, while other make them small. One thing is certain – you will find these powdered sugar-covered balls in every household in Greece during Christmas.

They are made from pure butter, flour and sugar, and then covered in a snowy layer of powdered sugar. Watch out because these are highly addictive!

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