Thessaloniki bids farewell to Vasilis Karras - Massive queues for the viewing

Vasilis Karras

A crowd of people has gathered since 8 in the morning at the Holy Church of Agia Sophia in Thessaloniki, where the body of Vasilis Karras is placed for viewing.

In heavy weather and holding white flowers, citizens in Thessaloniki wait for the body of Vasilis Karras to pay their respects.

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"A part of my adolescence and my youth died with him," said a fan of the great artist.

"We came here because we grew up with the songs of Vasilis Karras," said another fan.

"We came to honour the lord," said a fan.

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The body of the great popular bard has been placed from 10:00 a.m. in a popular pilgrimage that will last until 4:00 p.m. at the Holy Temple of God Sophia in Thessaloniki. The funeral service will take place at 12:30 and be performed by the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki, Philotheo, while the burial will take place in the birthplace of Vassilis Karras, Kokkinohori Kavala, on Wednesday, 27/12, at noon.

The philharmonics of Nea Propontida and Apollo Rodolivos will honour with their presence at the last farewell. Evangelos Arabatzis, artistic director of the Symphony Orchestra of New Greece, will deliver the funeral speech.

It is the wish of the family of the deceased, instead of wreaths, to support the association of children with neoplastic disease, Floga.

Health problems

In the last months of his life, he faced many health problems. As it became known towards the end of 2022, he had undergone surgery at the Inter-Balkan Hospital in Thessaloniki. In March 2022, Vasilis Karras again faced a serious health issue.

He had been admitted to the Venizelio Hospital after severe stomach pains while singing in a nightclub. He fought his battle bravely. The impact of the coronavirus, combined with the fact that his body was weakened by cancer, proved fatal.

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