Thessaloniki: 44-year-old Norwegian stabbed to death a police officer in a bar


Greece's second-largest city dawned with tragic news on Thursday as a 32-year-old police officer died after being attacked with a knife in a bar.

According to Proto Thema, the murder took place shortly after 4:30 in a bar in Thessaloniki on Katsimidis Street, where the police officer was with his best man.

It all allegedly happened when the Norwegian got into an argument with the policeman's best man, who he stabbed in the leg.

That's when the 32-year-old police officer stepped in to protect his best man, as a result of which he was stabbed twice by the Norwegian in the back and abdomen and died on the spot.

The bar where the murder happened is located next to the MAT (riot police) base on Katsimidis Street. When the best man of the policeman went out into the street shouting for help, a platoon at their service headquarters ran to the bar and arrested the killer.

The injured man, the best man of the unfortunate policeman, was taken to the General Hospital "Ippokrateio" to receive first aid.

The Crimes Against Life Department of Thessaloniki is conducting a preliminary investigation into the case.

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