Vasilis Karras: A "Mythical" Song Written in Intensive Care

Vasilis Karras New Song 2024

While battling illness in the intensive care unit, the legendary Vasilis Karras defied limitations and penned a song many describe as "mythical." Even amidst challenges, his creative spirit soared.

"After promising exam results at Easter, he was making future plans," shared Elizabeth Economou on Super Katerina. "However, his condition worsened over the summer, leading to three more ICU stays."

A Song Born in Adversity

During one of these critical stints, Karras crafted a stunning tune dubbed "mythical" by a close confidante. Upon completing it, he called his dear friend, Nikos Makropoulos. Karras had countless admirers, but Makropoulos held a special place within his inner circle.

Early in September, Makropoulos visited Karras and advised him to release the song. Though ready, unexpected events put the release on hold. "I don't know his plans now," stated Economou, "but it might surface in 2024. It's a song people will adore."

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