ATHENS: The vasilopita that broke all records (VIDEO)


A gigantic 78-metre-long, 9-ton traditional Greek New Year's cake broke all records and transformed a significant part of Greece's largest pedestrian streets.

The Guild of Bakers of Athens, Suburbs and Surroundings (SAAPP) and the Municipality of Peristeri, in a unique celebration, created the biggest vasilopita again this year, on December 29, 2023, in the Town Hall Square - "Peristeri" Metro station.

Watch the Up Stories team video:

Mayor Andreas Pachaturidis, in the presence of thousands of citizens from Peristeri and all of Attica, cut the vasilopita, of course everyone took a piece. The President of SAAPP Panagiotis Sahinidis also addressed a greeting.

The cake exceeded 65,000 pieces, 9 tons of weight and contained 200 flours that corresponded to New Year's gifts.

It was made by dozens of artisanal bakeries. Experienced bakers undertook the baking, which began at dawn. The students of the School of Baking - Confectionery of EPA.S DYPA Galatsiou participated in the preparation.

The ingredients used to create the vasilopita were: 5,500 kg Flour, 1,700 kg Sunflower Oil - Oil, 500 kg Sugar, 520 kg Dust, 5,000 Eggs, 30 kg Orange Zest, 75 kg Cognac, 70 kg Grated Cinnamon.

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