COVID-19: Greek expert committee holds meeting on exploding case numbers - Return of the masks?

COVID-19 coronavirus testing

A committee of health ministry experts convened on Thursday to discuss the epidemiological situation in Greece following an explosion of Covid-19 cases and hospital admissions in recent weeks.

The experts suggested observing protection measures, using anti-viral medication where necessary and vaccination against Covid-19.

A committee member said that no such proposal or even recommendation will be made regarding the use of face masks in healthcare facilities and whether this will be made mandatory.

They pointed out an earlier recommendation to hospitals, which can bring back the use of masks depending on the epidemiological situation.

For those belonging to high-risk groups for COVID-19, especially, the experts suggested using a mask in crowded places, such as public transport, indoor gatherings and visits to healthcare facilities.

They said this would not be mandatory nor an official recommendation.

A committee member told AMNA that no expert opinion is calling for additional measures.

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