Bisbikis danced to a Vasilis Karras song in the club where Despina Vandi performs - Watch video

Vasilis Bisbikis

The actor often goes to the live performances of his partner, Despina Vandi, and has gone viral many times on social media due to his zeibekiko.

On the evening of Friday, December 29, Vasilis Bisbikis was in the club where Despina Vandi sang with Giorgos Sabanis.

Giorgos Sabanis was on the dance floor and singing "Needless to say" by Vasilis Karras, who passed away on Christmas Eve, and Bisbikis got up and danced zeibekiko again.

Patrons recorded him with their mobile phones and posted the clips on TikTok.

Watch the video:


Α ρε Βασίληηηη αξία 😅🤟🏻 #votanikos #foryou #fy #bisbikis #vandi #despinavandi #sampanis #sabanis #athens

♬ πρωτότυπος ήχος - Sotiris Frantzis

Despina Vandi and Vasilis Karras had a great friendship, and the singer appeared devastated at the funeral of the great popular performer. Vasilis Bisbikis accompanied her to Kokkinohori Kavala to say the last "goodbye" to Karras.

Despina Vandi

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When she was informed of the death of Vasilis Karras, Despina Vandi posted on Instagram a photo of them together and in the caption, she wrote:

“With how much joy today began and how much sadness it was filled with… I can’t put my thoughts in order… Next to him, I started my journey in music. Next to him, during the period when he began to be loved by all of Greece, I was learning the scene at night and its wrapping and, at the same time, reading in the dressing rooms trying to get my degree. He tricked me in a way. Made me think the music world is full of Kings!

“Over the years, I understood his uniqueness, and I am not referring to his voice nor his songs. Vasilis, this man with this displacement that he had, who was worshipped like a rock star, the one who started with ‘good evening and good night’ and was adored by everyone, had an almost childlike innocence that preserved all these years…Generous, with a disarming simplicity, true and with much love for all, he only cared about the stage and what happened on it. A rare man… He lives in my heart, and I am grateful to him for what he taught me consciously and unconsciously…


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