Acid burn survivor Joanna Paliospirou reviews 2023 with a video

Joanna Paliospirou

The acid burn survivor said goodbye to 2023 with a compilation video of the year's moments that stood out for her.

The clip Joanna Paliospirou posted on Instagram shortly before the new year shows footage from her summer vacation but also frames from the trips she has made during the year.

"Dear 2023! You weren't just boring! You taught me so much! You gave me, you took from me.. But now you are past! I look forward to the next, I hope for the best," wrote Joanna Paliospirou in the caption of her post.

Efi Kakarantzoula was sentenced to 15 years in prison in October 2021 for the attempted murder of Joanna Paliospirou with acid in the Athens suburb of Kallithea in May 2020.

At the time, prosecutor Charalambos Mastrantonakis said the attacker executed her criminal plan “in a calculated manner. She had vile motives, murderous egoism and moral pettiness.”

He stressed that the type of acid that Kakarantzoula used and the way she executed her crime “leaves no doubt about her murderous intent.”

“The defendant did not want to ruin the face of Joanna [the victim], she ruined her life,” Mastrantonakis continued. “When she threw the acid in her face, she accepted that it could be inhaled, swallowed, find its way to her trachea, and kill her. It was revenge that accepted the risk of death.”

Kakarantzoula claimed during the trial that she had no intent of killing Paliospirou, explaining that stalked Paliospirou after suspecting her of dating a man with whom she had embarked on a sexual relationship in 2018.

She admitted to going to significant lengths to procure vitriol to the survivor’s place of work in an office building, saying she paid a man she met outside a shop in downtown Athens to get it for her.

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