Baloch activists launch social media campaign, call on UN to probe 'genocide'

Balochistan is not Pakistan

Baloch activists in Pakistan have now called on the United Nations to carry out further probe into the ongoing ‘genocide’ in a social media campaign, raising the hashtag “#UNForBalochistan,” the Balochistan Post reported.

The widespread social media campaign on X initiated by the Baloch Social Media Activists (BSMA) has gained momentum across countries.

The campaign’s primary objective is to prompt the United Nations to dispatch a fact-finding mission to Balochistan to investigate the ongoing “Baloch genocide.”

The BSMA issued a press release underscoring the urgency of the UN intervention in Balochistan.

It emphasised several critical points, including the necessity to halt ongoing ‘state-sponsored violence’, seek justice for Baloch victims and their families and draw global attention to the situation to compel the Pakistani government to address concerns, the Balochistan Post reported.

The release highlighted the importance of the BSMA’s role as a platform for Baloch activists and further stated its commitment to amplifying the often unheard voices.

The BSMA, through a strategic social media approach, emphasised that it aims to garner global support, raise awareness about the severity of the Balochistan situation, and urge the UN and human rights organisations to take decisive action.

The families of missing Baloch persons have been holding demonstrations in Islamabad for eleven consecutive days, demanding an end to enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings in Balochistan, according to the Balochistan Post.

The BSMA joined their call, aiming to amplify their voices through the online campaign, and urged the UN to take action.

The Baloch protestors in Islamabad have appealed to the UN and human rights groups to investigate what they term the ‘genocide’ in Balochistan.

However, they have not received any response yet, leaving the issue unresolved amidst ongoing tensions and human rights violations.

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