Estimated 120,000 cocaine users in Attica: Professor Thomaidis


The Analytical Chemistry professor of EKPA, Nikos Thomaidis, spoke on the morning show of ANT1 about the findings in Attica's wastewater and the high levels of coronavirus and cocaine found in it.

Initially, the professor commented on the impressively large percentage of cocaine in the sewage, saying, "the question is what is happening in Greece and the world."

The price of cocaine has been lowered, during the pandemic the use doubled and in some months it tripled" and giving the percentage he said that it is "0.3% of the population of Attica (out of 4.2 million people who are users", explaining that, "this is among the lowest percentages in Europe."

This is about 120,000 citizens

As far as the viral load is concerned, he said that, in the wastewater, a 200% increase can be seen in the last month. "We have a simultaneous triple increase," he noted, estimating that "we will have an escalation in the next two weeks."

He observed that, "the spread of the coronavirus is huge and many young children are asymptomatic."

Referring, finally, to the flu that there are also subvariants, with the current wave concerning type A and the type B expected in February-March, expected to be milder.

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