Coronavirus: "We will reach 8,800 cases per day," says Sarigiannis

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We are expected to reach around 8,800 daily cases of coronavirus, estimated epidemiology professor Demosthenes Sarigiannis, speaking on Thursday morning in a SKAI broadcast.

"At Christmas, we were at 5,800 daily cases," he said when asked about the current course of coronavirus.

"When we have a large dispersion, we increase the chances of coming into contact with the virus, so in vulnerable groups, the chance of critical illness increases."

"We expect increases in hospitalisations and deaths, around 78 to 80," he stressed.

Regarding the return of children to school amid an outbreak of the virus, he said. It is good for parents to self-test their children to make sure they have a low viral load.

He said about masks: "The mask is useful, but I think it's a matter of personal judgment."

The sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Greece, which reaches 90%, has raised the alarm to the competent authorities. With cases almost doubling in conjunction with seasonal viruses and flu, the opening of schools on Monday, January 8, is causing great concern for parents and teachers.

In the Ministries of Education and Health there is great concern about the return of children to school after the Christmas holidays. What is being considered and expected to be sent to school units and education directorates is the updated document with instructions for Covid, flu and viruses, but also the reminder about vaccinations.

At the same time, a notification will be sent for students' absences while the Ministry of Education urges parents not to send their children to school if they show symptoms of flu or other viruses and to stay home until their health condition improves.

There will also be recruitment of doctors in the first half of 2024 and the selection of new administrations in hospitals throughout Greece is progressing.

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