An average of 220 businesses a day opened in 2023: Piraeus Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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More businesses started operations in 2023 than in any other year, according to a weekly bulletin by the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce & Industry on Friday.

Using data from the General Commercial Register (GEMI), the Chamber said that on average, 156 businesses were founded every calendar day in 2023, or 220 every business day. The total for 2023 was 57,272 new businesses, while 20,268 shut down.

Compared to 2022, 14.7% more companies started operations in 2023, while shutdowns were 6.3% lower compared to 2022, improving the opening-closing ration of businesses by 30.9% in 2023, or adding 37,004 new business entities.

In terms of type, most companies founded were individual enterprises and private equity companies (IKE). The least popular form were limited liability companies (Ltd).

The best month for opening companies was March 2023, with 6,707 new companies (or nearly 290 per business day) and the month with most shut-downs was December, with 2,386 companies ending operations.

In terms of the shipping activity and repairs sectors, the Chamber registered 38 new companies, it said.

Broken down by sectors, companies that registered with the Chamber between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023 are as follows, its bulletin noted:

- Commercial, 622
- Manufacturing, 182
- Services, 620
- Shipping services and repairs, 38
(Total: 1,462)

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