Grevena, the authentic town with mountain beauty that fascinates

Portitsa Grevena stone bridge at Pindos

Both summer and winter, Grevena is a beautiful place, a base for flavours and escapes in short-distance destinations for those who love nature, the breathtaking mountain scenery, beautiful Vlach villages with bridges, and picturesque settlements.

The picturesque town clock in Eleftherias Square, next to the town hall of Grevena
The picturesque town clock in Eleftherias Square, next to the town hall of Grevena.

Built on the site of two ancient Roman settlements and exposed to the incredible natural beauty of the magnificent national park of Valia Kalda, Grevena is a natural gateway to the beautiful small villages and wild nature surrounding them.

Valia Kalda
Valia Kalda

As Travel points out, Samarina and all the other villages in the area are buzzing with life. Life of young people who still live there and create, surrounded by fir forests, squares with a fountain.


The stone bridge in the Portitsa Gorge, the Tsurgiaka waterfall, the Venetian river, the ski resort, and the artisan villages turned into a film set are all parts of a region that generously shares its beauties through hikes, leisurely nature walks, the contact with prehistory even through the contact with the mammoths which were found just 4 kilometres from the city of Grevena and other creatures of the deep ancient times.

Portitsa Grevena stone bridge at Pindos
Portitsa Grevena stone bridge at Pindos.
Tsourgiakas waterfalls
Tsourgiakas waterfall.

It is also a place of rich mountaineering experience, with gorges and ravines creating geographical norms and challenges for climbing enthusiasts. At the same time, it is a place of delivery regarding mushroom production and collection.

However, they are not sold out in a destination strictly for mushroom lovers since meat is also a culinary specialty of the place.

A humble destination, gentle and life-giving to us, Grevena is not limited; it successively opens up to the visitor, educates him in its charms and is ready to meet every taste and demand of travellers.

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