Employment in green energy sector soars, finds Greek research

green energy greece

The decade from 2012 to 2022 for the energy sector was transformative, especially as research has found that employment in green energy has seen a remarkable surge of nearly 90%, with the current workforce standing at 13.7 million.

The research, led by Piraeus University Associate Professor Yannis Maniatis, a former Environment and Energy Minister and socialist MP, analyses employment trends, projects future job creation based on different energy scenarios, and compares employment figures in the green energy sector to those in fossil fuels, indicating a shift in focus and investments.

This robust growth is reshaping the landscape, as photovoltaics, bioenergy, hydropower, wind energy, and other green sectors play pivotal roles in driving a global shift towards sustainable practices.

The World Economic Forum’s insights underscore a positive impact on the job market, highlighting the profound influence of the green transition and climate change adaptation.

Compared to their fossil fuel counterparts, the significant uptick in all green energy professions marks a pivotal shift in the employment landscape.

Delving into the data provided by the International Energy Agency, the trajectory towards a cleaner, more sustainable future appears promising and integral to the evolving global job market, reports Professor Maniatis.

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