Thessaloniki: The recycling of Christmas trees starts from January 8

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With the aim of recycling more than 5,000 natural fir trees, which these days adorn the homes and businesses of Thessaloniki, the campaign "No Christmas Tree Thrown in the Landfill" was launched this year by the Solid Waste Management Agency (FoDSA) of Central Macedonia.

This action has been repeated in recent years, and in which more and more citizens participate.

"It is an important move for the environment and a change in the culture of the local communities, who realise that natural sawdust must return to mother earth", says the president of FoDSA, Michalis Geranis, to AMNA.

Last year, around 5,000 Christmas trees were recycled through this effort, and the goal for this year is to surpass that number. "Observing the movement and the festive mood of our fellow citizens who decorated their homes and shops with natural firs, we estimate that the number of firs that will be recycled will be more than the 5,000 we collected last year," adds Geranis.

FoDSA has already informed the municipalities of Thessaloniki since the beginning of December, asking them to inform the citizens about the deposit points and how natural fir trees will be recycled starting January 8.

The municipality of Pylaia-Hortiati has already informed the citizens that all trees are recycled by calling 15195 or e-15195.

Citizens will state their address, and then municipal crews will gather the natural firs, which will be transported to a special area in the Environmental Park of Tagarades, where they will be chopped up to be turned into bio-fuel and topsoil - fertiliser.

The other municipalities of Thessaloniki will make similar announcements, with the recycling action starting on January 8 and ending two weeks later.

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