Christopher Raftopoulos: Accused Melbourne stabber ‘refuses’ to speak


The man accused of a weekend stabbing spree across Melbourne is reportedly refusing to communicate with anyone, according to statements made in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

Christopher Raftopoulos, 31, who was arrested the day before, did not appear in court, and his lawyer, Michael Amad, informed the court that Raftopoulos was unwilling to speak with anyone. Amad mentioned his client's "long history" of mental health issues and requested an adjournment to determine if Raftopoulos would be in a better state to provide instructions in the coming days.

The court awaited Raftopoulos's engagement with mental health service provider Forensicare before making further decisions. The accused faces 15 charges, including serious injury offences and weapon possession, for the alleged stabbing of five people over a three-hour period on Saturday night.

The victims, according to police, were randomly attacked, with no apparent connections to the perpetrator. All injured individuals are in stable condition after being taken to the hospital.

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