Greece Launches commercial operations, private use, international travel, Applications for Yachts

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Streamlining Processes for Enhanced Efficiency

The Greek government has taken a significant step towards digital modernization by introducing the "e-Charter Permission Application" for yachts. This electronic system now processes applications for various types of sea voyages, including commercial operations, private use, international travel, and empty voyages.

Key Requirements and Eligibility

  • Mandatory Possession: All vessels navigating Greek waters must have the e-Charter Permission document in either digital or printed form.
  • Applicability: The application is specifically designed for professional pleasure boats exceeding 35 meters (114 feet) in length.
  • License Duration: The granted license has a maximum validity period of 28 days.

Types of Permissions:

  • Charter Permission: This permission caters to complete charter contracts executed entirely within Greek territory.
  • Charter Permission Plus: This permission covers complete charter contracts with either a start or end point within Greek territory.

Simplified Charter Procedures for Non-EU Yachts:

Under the revised e-charter framework, eligible yachts can commence and conclude charters in Greece without the previous requirements of:

  • Possessing a Greek charter license
  • Establishing a business address within Greece

VAT Regulations Remain in Effect:

It's crucial to note that despite these streamlined processes, conventional VAT regulations pertaining to Greek VAT continue to apply.

Fostering Maritime Activities and Embracing Digital Advancements:

This initiative marks a notable advancement in Greece's efforts to:

  • Facilitate the activities of boat owners within its territories
  • Adapt to the evolving digital landscape
  • Enhance efficiency and convenience for maritime stakeholders

The implementation of the e-Charter Permission Application signifies a positive step towards a more streamlined and digitally-enabled maritime sector in Greece.

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