Greek exports down 12.2% in November


Greek exports fell 12.2% in November, representing a decline of 7.5% in the 11 months from January to November 2023, but their value exceeded 47 billion euros, recording the second-highest level in history.

The improvement in export performance of food, oils and fat, alcohol and tobacco partly offset a decline in the exports of industrial products.

The value of exports totalled 4.292 billion euros in November, down 12.2% from November 2022, while imports totalled 6.953 billion, down 19.3% over the same period. Exports excluding oil products were down 10%, while imports fell 3.5% in November.

The trade deficit rose 7.3% to 2.166 billion.




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In the January-November period, the value of exports amounted to 47.196 billion euros, down 7.5% from the corresponding period in 2022, while imports fell 12.9% to 11.232 billion euros.

Excluding oil products, exports fell 1.3%, and imports eased 3.2%, with the trade deficit shrinking by 5.8% to 23.254 billion euros.

Food (573.1 million, up 9%), machinery and vehicles (233.1 million, up 5.2%), oil/fat (534.2 million, up 63.4%) and alcohol/tobacco (145.2 million, up 14%) led exports, while industrial products (1.084 billion, down 13.7%), chemicals (116.9 million down 2.1%) and raw materials (321.2 million down 18.1%) recorded declines.

57.3% of Greek exports were sent to EU-27 member-states, and the remaining 42.7% to third countries.

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