Macron is coming to Athens

Emmanuel Macron

This year is the year of the Olympic Games.

Emmanuel Macron is going to Greece on April 16, the day of the Lighting of the Olympic Flame, which will start its journey again from the sacred land of Ancient Olympia ten days later, on April 26. The French president will pick up the torch to take to Paris himself.

Macron, together with other leaders around the world, will be in Athens a few days before the Lighting ceremony for the Summit for the Oceans ("Our Ocean Greece 2024"), where Greece will lead an effort that, as mentioned by the special envoy of the American president on Climate Change, John Kerry, will make a difference for the whole planet.

During that period, Athens will host dozens of personalities and heads of state who will participate in the conference.

In the meantime, the French ambassador to Greece, Laurence Auer, has begun preparations to receive the Olympic Flame.

Apart from the political figures she sees, her first meeting about the Olympic Games in Paris was with Gianna Angelopoulos, who was the head of the "Athens 2004" Committee in the successful Olympiad organised by Greece 20 years ago, considering that the experience gained from the organisation remains valuable for the French as well.

The ambassador, in collaboration with the president of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, Tony Estanguet, is preparing an innovative program of events, while the night the Flame will be in Athens, she will spend the night at the French embassy.

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