Newsbomb Poll: 89% of Greeks say "no" to same-sex marriages and adoptions


The numbers and results of the Newsbomb online poll are overwhelmingly against the marriage of same-sex couples and adoption, in an overwhelming manner, 9 out of 10...

The readers of Newsbomb, answering the question: "Do you agree or disagree with the marriage of same-sex couples and childbearing?", are against it in a percentage of 89%, while only 11% are in favour.

The poll had nearly 5,000 readers voting in the 24 hours it ran.

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Newsbomb questioned whether something like this should be ignored and whether the government should legislate a process with the majority of Greek society against it.

Historical memory has shown that governments were led to political impasses whenever the people's opinion was ignored on such serious issues. After all, the electoral defeat of SYRIZA after the Prespa agreement (a major national issue) is fresh. Then, the government went completely against the people's will in the name of Macedonia and paid for it, ignoring public opinion.

Marriage and procreation or adoption will evolve with mathematical precision into... Family Prespas with enormous political cost for any parties that pass such a bill.

The public's opinion, although strong, constitutes a political force not provided for by any Constitution and is therefore used a la carte by the political staff. Greece's referendum has become rags, and polls are used as they please, wrote Newsbomb.

The Newsbomb poll contradicts what many from New Democracy claim, that most Greeks support the bill being pushed by the ruling party.

However, a poll by Pulse for Skai gathered responses from 1,107 participants between December 18 and 20 and found that 52% of respondents harbour a positive view on same-sex marriage, with a notable 20% in full support and an additional 32% expressing no objection. A substantial minority of 33% would prefer that same-sex marriage not be legalised in Greece.

According to an ALCO poll, the ruling New Democracy is recording losses due to the debate on same-sex marriage, mainly towards the right-wing Greek Solution, with 49% openly disagreeing with same-sex marriage (58% among New Democracy voters), while 35% of respondents appear in favour (28% of New Democracy voters).

The bill will reportedly include 13 articles and is scheduled to be submitted to Parliament by mid-February, after a public consultation where all opinions and proposals will be heard, as well as meetings between the Prime Minister and those directly concerned.

In particular, on the issue of childbearing - where the strongest opposition is expressed - the government initiative will not recognise as a right for same-sex male couples the right to medically assisted reproduction through a surrogate mother, which was described as a wish by the president of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis, although for the moment it remains a mystery whether the ban will include same-sex couples of women since women already have the right to medically assisted reproduction.

However, children born abroad and those born with a surrogate mother, also abroad, will be recognised. In Greece, this option is prohibited, but if a couple goes abroad and has a child with a surrogate mother, the Greek state will recognise it.

The parents will be listed as 'father father' or 'mother mother' and not as 'parent 1' or 'parent 2'.

In addition, the bill will recognise equal rights for same-sex couples but will exclude intersex people or those who declare a "third gender", while same-sex couples who marry abroad will have their marriage automatically recognised, although they will be asked to choose whether to keep their marriage or the civil partnership they enter into in Greece.

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