FIR filed against participants of rally held in solidarity with Baloch protesters in Islamabad


Over a thousand participants of a rally held in solidarity with Baloch protesters in Islamabad were named in an FIR (First Information Report) on Tuesday, The Balochistan Post reported.

According to the formal complaint (FIR) filed by SHO Mehboob Elahi of the Sharafi Goth Police Station, the gathering was held without the required authorization and included protesting, shouting slogans in both Balochi and Urdu and using loudspeakers.

The allegations of anti-government remarks made by several of the event’s speakers are specifically mentioned in the report.

Moreover, the number of people identified in the FIR ranges from one thousand to fifteen hundred.

Dr Mahrang Baloch has drawn attention to what she sees as a pattern of fictitious FIRs being filed against nonviolent protestors of their public movement in reaction to these legal proceedings, The Balochistan Post reported.

The Baloch activist has claimed that this trend includes the most recent FIR in Karachi, which was filed against protestors opposing the “Baloch genocide.”

She stressed the broad national support the movement has received and contended that any attempts to stifle it with violence and force would be ineffective.

In the past as well, FIRs were filed in a number of places in Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan against participants and organisers of the “Long March against Baloch genocide.”

Notably, an FIR filed at the Wada Machhiyoon police station in Khairpur, Sindh, earlier this year charged Dr MahRang Baloch, a leader of the Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC), which was in charge of the Islamabad demonstration, The Balochistan Post reported.

Political and human rights groups around the world denounced this move against Mahrang Baloch, and the Sindh police and administration came under fire.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, Mahrang Baloch in a post on X said ” In this critical moment, it is our urgent collective responsibility to combat misinformation, and change such harmful narratives. We, Baloch people like all other people of world love and care. We fear and we dare. We are hopeful and aspire to live in a more just World with no rank of suffering. You are requested to share your video clips in your social media channels, practicing solidarity with Baloch March.”

he officer in question received a notice of suspension from the Sindh Police after the incident was reported.

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