Mykonos favourite Scorpios announces expansion to Turkey, including accommodation


‌High-end restaurant and lounge Scorpios is set to expand globally, with two locations joining its flagship base in Mykonos.

In June 2024, Scorpios will open in later followed by Tulum. More locations will follow.

“Each new place will resonate with the cultural energy of its region, interwoven with the Scorpios alchemy of music, art, food, and wellbeing, envisioned through the creative lens of their inspired community of artists and makers,” Scorpios says.

Founded by Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel in 2015, Scorpios emerged as “a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Greek agora — a gathering place for artists, free spirits, and change-makers to connect, collaborate, and celebrate under the open sky.”

“Scorpios has always created inspirational experiences through rituals that unite human connection with art, music, and nature. In these deep moments of togetherness, we lift each other’s spirits. This is what makes the Scorpios experience so energising and enriching,” Heyne, co-founder of Scorpios says.

The global expansion

With the global expansion, the brand is geared to go from a “luxury retreat to a wellbeing program called Inner Gardens.” Wellbeing at Scorpios places creativity, art, and music at the core focus, signified by the brand’s landmark Ritual Space.

“This is a multidisciplinary home for ancient healing methods and modern knowledge, as well as immersive cultural practices including art exhibitions, music and dance performances, talks, sensory rituals, and more,” Scorpios adds.

Scorpios will also move on from the electronic music that has become synonymous with the brand by championing an experimental sound, as well as growing its own record label, Scorpios Music.

Heyne and Hertel will also aim to intensify Scorpios’ exploration of the arts with Encounters — the brand’s annual festival for creative experimentation. The inaugural 2023 edition brought leading contemporary artists including Refik Anadol to Mykonos, with co-creation between digital art, music, AI, and indigenous communities.

Inside the soon-to-launch Scorpios Bodrum

Scorpios will open on an “exclusive” peninsula and will have two restaurants, a clubhouse, beach club, and more.

There will be a ‘Ritual Space’, as well as 12 private suites, each with their own outdoor pool and lounge area. This marks Scorpios’ first venture into accommodation and 24/7 high-end hospitality.

An Inner Gardens program will include mindful movement, ice plunges, a herbal and adaptogens bar, breathwork, and sound meditation.

The menu will be aligned with the original Scorpios food concept, but adding in inspiration from the Eastern Mediterranean with local Turkish influences.

Scorpios Bodrum will also be bookable for private gatherings.

The design ethos

The design of each Scorpios property is aimed at celebrating traditional craftsmanship and fostering an environment of ease, infused with influences from the local culture and landscape.

In Bodrum, Scorpios is co-created by architecture studio Geomim, with interiors by Lambs and Lions, in collaboration with Annabell Kutucu and Studio McBride.

The design ethos honours “imperfect simplicity and the honesty of natural materials.”

Bookings for Scorpios Bodrum are available now.

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