Greek Ministry of Tourism to Launch Digital Tourism Map and Enhance Tourism Product for 2024

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The Ministry of Tourism in Greece has announced plans to develop a digital tourism map that will provide detailed information about various destinations in the country.

The map will highlight the unique features, landmarks, activities, and local culinary specialties of each region, city, island, and town. As part of the ministry's marketing strategy for 2024, funds have been secured to transform the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) digitally and create promotional tools for Greece's tourism industry.

Furthermore, the ministry intends to provide enhanced training options for tourism professionals employed by the GNTO and local tourism development organizations. These trained professionals will be responsible for regularly updating the digital tourism map. The ministry also plans to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to revamp the current website and develop a real-time tourist information app.

Financial resources from the European Union and national sources will be allocated to enrich and diversify the tourism product in Greece. The promotion of special interest tourism offerings to new market segments is another objective. To achieve this, the ministry will establish online platforms dedicated to specific tourism products, such as diving, mountain tourism, and agritourism. In addition, targeted marketing campaigns will be designed to promote these niche tourism sectors.

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