Amid Protests, Britain Reiterates Cypriot Base Role in Gaza Aid, Denies Weapons Transport

Akrotiri British Base in Cyprus

(Nicosia, Cyprus) - Responding to protests outside the Akrotiri base and recent concerns, the UK Ministry of Defence reiterated its commitment to delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza while denying accusations of supplying weapons.

A spokesperson confirmed that British forces in Cyprus are actively involved in aid efforts, doubling the UK's total contribution to £60 million. Last week, they facilitated the delivery of 87 tons of combined British and Cypriot aid to Egypt for onward distribution to Gaza. Additionally, four RAF aircraft transported another 74 tons of vital supplies.

Addressing allegations about Akrotiri's use for military operations, the spokesperson clarified that no RAF flights to Israel carried "lethal cargo" while acknowledging airstrikes in Yemen originating from the base. They emphasized that such operations fall within the established agreement regarding the bases' presence in Cyprus.

The protests, calling for the bases' closure, were acknowledged with respect for the right to peaceful assembly. However, the statement defended the bases as a positive force in the region, highlighting their contributions to humanitarian and disaster relief efforts, including recent support for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria and evacuation operations in Sudan.

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