2023 Escape Plans: Greece Reigns, Orlando Enchants - Where Brits are Heading

Sarakiniko Beach in Milos, Greece

Sun-kissed beaches, ancient ruins, and vibrant culture – it's no surprise that Greece reigns supreme as Britain's most-searched travel destination for 2023, according to Google. Fueled by a yearning for sunshine and adventure, Brits eagerly Googled flights and holidays to the Hellenic paradise, topping the global search giant's charts.

But Greece wasn't alone. The travel bug bit hard across the UK, with other European gems sparkling on the top ten list. Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Croatia rounded out the top five, offering their unique blends of history, cuisine, and coastal charm.

Looking beyond Europe, wanderlust led some Brits to exotic shores. Thailand's turquoise waters and fiery cuisine attracted curious travellers, while Egypt's ancient wonders and luxurious Red Sea resorts beckoned others. Closer to home, Cyprus and Malta offered the perfect mix of familiarity and sun-drenched escapism.

But it wasn't just countries that captured the British imagination. City breaks soared in popularity, with Orlando, Florida, the undisputed champion. The magic of Disney World and Universal Studios proved irresistible, drawing families and thrill-seekers alike.

Tel Aviv, Israel's vibrant Mediterranean gem, took home the silver medal, while Seville in Spain and Marrakech in Morocco offered their distinct flavours of history, architecture, and buzzing nightlife.

For those seeking a European escape, La Rochelle in France, with its charming harbour and rich maritime history, proved a hidden gem. Delhi, India, Cork, Ireland, and Amsterdam, Netherlands, rounded out the top eight.

And when it came to islands, paradise wasn't just a state of mind – it was a Greek island called Rhodes. This Aegean jewel, with its medieval city walls and sun-drenched beaches, took the top spot, followed by the captivating shores of Sicily, Italy.

So, where will your next travel adventure take you? Whether it's the sun-soaked beaches of Greece, the magic of Orlando, or exploring vibrant cities like Tel Aviv, Google's travel trends offer a fascinating glimpse into British wanderlust. Start planning your escape – the world is waiting!



1. Greece

2. Spain

3. Italy

4. Portugal

5. Croatia

6. Cyprus

7. Thailand

8. Egypt

9. Malta

10. Morocco


1. Rhodes, Greece

2. Sicily, Italy 


1. Orlando, U.S

2. Tel Aviv, Israel

3. Seville, Spain

4. Marrakech, Morocco

5. La Rochelle, France  

6. Delhi, India

7. Cork, Ireland

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Source: Google


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