Magnitude 4.8 Earthquake Strikes Between Kranidi and Leonidio, Also Felt in Athens

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Earthquake hit between Kranidi and Leonidio, where seismic activity is not uncommon. The 4.8 Richter earthquake occurred at 7:20 am and woke up residents in Kranidi and Leonidio with a strong vibration. It was also felt in Athens.

According to the analysis conducted by the Geodynamic Institute, the earthquake had a magnitude of 4.8 Richter and was particularly felt in Kranidi. The epicenter of the earthquake was located in the sea area between Kranidi and Leonidio, specifically 16 km northeast of Leonidio in the Argolic Gulf. The tremor had a focal depth of 14.5 km.

Vassilis Karastathis, deputy director of the Geodynamic Institute, spoke about the earthquake on the First Program and mentioned the presence of seismic activity in the area. He emphasized that the newly collected data will be evaluated in the coming hours. He also pointed out that the epicenter was in the sea, on the Kranidi peninsula, and noted that the earthquake was felt in Spetses as well.

Karastathis said, "We will see how the sequence develops."

Athanasios Ganas, research director of the Geodynamic Institute, acknowledged that the area between Kranidi and Leonidio houses a large fault that is prone to seismic activity.

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