Cyprus Basking in European Tourism Spotlight with 20% Surge in 2023

Cyprus Ayia Napa

Cyprus has emerged as a shining star in the EU's post-pandemic tourism revival, enjoying a remarkable 20% increase in tourist arrivals in 2023. This impressive performance surpasses nearly all other member states except for a spirited Luxembourg (better luck next year!).

Early estimates from Eurostat paint a picture of Cyprus as a sunny getaway and the go-to destination for an unforgettable European escape. While most EU countries witnessed tourism growth, Malta and Cyprus led the charge, boasting figures that would make seasoned travellers envious. Eight other countries, including Slovakia, Latvia, and Greece, also put on a respectable show, with growth exceeding 10%.

In terms of sheer numbers, Germany and Spain stole the show, each boasting over 32 million additional overnight stays – a testament to the pent-up travel demand. Overall, the EU's tourism sector celebrated a record-breaking year with 2.92 billion nights spent, smashing pre-pandemic levels and setting a new rhythm for the accommodation industry.

International guests were undoubtedly the stars of the show, contributing a whopping 146 million more nights spent compared to 2022. This signifies a triumphant return for global travellers, who are clearly back in force despite making up 46% of total nights spent and tweaking their travel plans (-0.4% compared to 2019).

Regarding accommodation, hotels won the "Most Popular Pad" award, claiming 63% of the spotlight with 1.8 billion nights spent. Holiday rentals and campsites also had their moments, contributing 24% and 13% to the grand tourism spectacle.


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