Echoes of Alexander: 2,800-Year-Old Indo-Greek City Found in Modi's Village

India’s oldest living city has been discovered in PM Modi’s native village, Vadnagar.

In a discovery that rewrites history books, archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a bustling 2,800-year-old city buried beneath Prime Minister Narendra Modi's native village of Vadnagar, Gujarat.

This ancient metropolis, dating back to 800 BC, predates both major religions of the region - Buddhism and Jainism - and reveals seven distinct cultural layers spanning millennia.

The team, led by researchers from IIT Kharagpur, the Archaeological Survey of India, and other prestigious institutions, spent years meticulously excavating the site, reaching astonishing depths of 20 meters. He added that coin moulds of Greek king Appollodatus from the Indo-Greek rule at Vadnagar were also found.

But the most profound discovery lies in the sheer age of the settlement. Vadnagar, boasting the oldest Buddhist monastery found in India, now claims to be the country's first continuously inhabited city within a single fortification. And, if recent radiocarbon dating proves accurate, the story gets even more incredible.

Early Iron Age, possibly even late Vedic period – researchers suggest Vadnagar's roots might stretch back as far as 1400 BC, a staggering 300 years before the fall of the Indus Valley Civilization. This revelation could rewrite our understanding of India's "Dark Age," suggesting a continuous cultural thread rather than a period of decline.

Professor Anindya Sarkar, a key researcher on the project, explains, "The implications are immense. We see evidence of thriving communities across seven distinct eras, from Mauryan to Mughal and beyond, potentially challenging long-held beliefs about a cultural break in India's history."

Excavation supervisor Mukesh Thakor attributes the city's remarkable longevity to its advanced water management system, a testament to the ingenuity of its inhabitants. Religious harmony, too, seems to have been a hallmark, with co-existence between diverse faiths evident in the unearthed artifacts.

Over a lakh (one hundred thousand) relics have been unearthed so far, offering archaeologists a fascinating glimpse into life in ancient Vadnagar. With over 30 excavation sites scattered across the village, the promise of further discoveries remains high.

This incredible find paints a vibrant picture of India's ancient past and sheds light on its remarkable resilience and cultural continuity. As Vadnagar unveils its layers of history, one thing is clear: this city, older than time itself, has a story to tell, a story that echoes across millennia and promises to rewrite the textbooks.

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