Greece: Rising Energy Powerhouse Fuels Green Ambitions at Davos Forum

Deputy Environment and Energy Minister Alexandra Sdoukou

Greece is revving up its engine to become a regional energy hub and clean energy exporter for Europe. This ambitious vision took centre stage at the Davos Forum, where Deputy Environment and Energy Minister Alexandra Sdoukou outlined Greece's bold plans to reshape the continent's energy landscape.

Green Gateway Between Continents: The Vision Takes Shape

Greece aspires to become a clean energy epicentre, channelling green power from Africa and the Middle East to Europe. Projects like the Cyprus-Israel and Egypt interconnections are cornerstones of this ambitious vision, paving the way for a greener, more interconnected future.

Building a Secure and Sustainable Future:

Investing in infrastructure is crucial to achieving this vision. Sdoukou highlighted existing projects like the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and the recently completed Greek-Bulgarian pipeline, contributing to regional energy security and transition. But Greece's ambitions reach far beyond:

  • Floating LNG terminal in Alexandroupolis: Coming online in 2024, this terminal will boost energy access and flexibility.
  • Natural gas pipeline to North Macedonia: Operational in 2025, this pipeline strengthens regional connectivity.
  • Upgraded electricity interconnections: Greece is building stronger electricity bridges with its neighbours.

Renewables: A Magnet for Investment

Greece's commitment to renewables is attracting unprecedented investor interest. "We're one of the most attractive countries for renewable energy investments," declared Sdoukou, with demand far exceeding current capacity. This boom extends beyond energy, fueling network growth, telecoms, digitization, and construction.

Harnessing the Wind of Change:

Greece recognizes its vast potential for offshore wind power. A national growth plan will install 2 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity by 2030, leveraging the country's natural advantages.

From the slopes of Davos to the shores of the Aegean, Greece is writing a new chapter in its energy story. With bold investments, strategic partnerships, and a focus on renewables, Greece is poised to become a driving force in Europe's clean energy future.

The Forum's sessions are available here

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