Natural gas consumption down 21.56% in 2023

natural gas greece

Natural gas consumption fell 21.56% in 2023 compared with the previous year, the Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA) said in a report released on Tuesday.

The Revythousa terminal station, in the Saronic Gulf, remained the main import gate for natural gas in the country, followed by the Sidirokastro terminal (-20.82% in 2023) in northern Greece.

Total demand for natural gas (domestic consumption and exports) fell 21.56% to 67.60 TWh in 2023, from 86.18 TWh in 2022. Domestic consumption fell 10.13% to 50.91 TWh and exports dropped 43.48% to 16.69 TWh.

Natural gas imports totaled 67.71 TWh in 2023, down 21.41% from 2022. Revythousa accounted for 43.55% of imports (41 LNG tankers with 28.52 TWh of LNG from 7 countries).

The US remained the largest LNG importer for Greece (10.75 TWh and a market share of 37.69%), followed by Russia (8.38 TWh), Egypt (3.5 TWh), Algeria (3.47 TWh), Norway (0.97 TWh), Nigeria (0.94 TWh) and Spain (0.51 TWh).

Electricity power production units were the biggest consumers of natural gas (67.84%), followed by households (21.98%).

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