Successful entry of MG to the Greek market in 2023!

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2023 was a very special year, as it included the reappearance of MG on the Greek market in mid-September.

The company, which has written its own history in its 100 years of existence, reappeared in Greece only 3.5 months before the end of the year, but it caught up and showed its momentum, noting some remarkable achievements.

With 636 car registrations between September 2023 and December, MG Motor of the Syngelidis Group I reached a 1.8% market share.

MG ZS had the lion's share of the classifications, as expected, as it is a proposal that epitomises Value For Money in the Greek market.

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The MG ZS reached a share of 3.7%, registering 491 registrations within the 3.5 months of the brand's presence in Greece.

With this performance, the MG ZS was placed 4th among petrol models in its class and 4th among pure electrics, with a share of 8.4% and 8.0%, respectively.

Finally, the purely electric MG4 received a particularly warm reception from the market, scoring a high percentage in its category and, of course, taking first place in BEVs, with a share of 30.9%!

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An important role in the overall success of the brand has been played both by the range of models that are ideal for the needs of the Greek market and by the pan-Hellenic network of partners of the Syngelidis Group, which from the first moment provided everything a brand needs to meet the needs and the demands of the buying public.

Syngelidis Group, under which MG Motor operates in the Greek market, is another guarantee for all those looking to purchase the smartest new car.

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