PASOK MP Paraskevaidis on Turkey: "They will come to the islands and like Hamas slaughter us all" (VIDEO)


Those present at the cake-cutting event for the employees of the Mytilini hospital noted the position of the Lesvos MP of PASOK - KINAL, Panagiotis Paraskevaidis, on Turkey's ambitions on the Greek islands.

Paraskevaidis claimed that Turkey is making evil plans to occupy the Greek islands overnight and said that the neighbouring country has a powerful amphibious fleet that will come to the islands like Hamas and slaughter the population.

But the PASOK - KINAL MP did not stop there; he called on the citizens to be vigilant and organise local defence so that when the Turks come, they can defend themselves and, as he noted, everyone knows in which trench they will be with their rifle.

It is worth noting that Panagiotis Paraskevaidis participates in the Defence Committee of the parliament, in which, as he stated, he has mentioned all his concerns about the Turks and the statements they make about a "Blue Homeland."

As he said, he has a lot of experience in war, as he volunteered in Cyprus in 1974.

Watch the full statement of MP Panagiotis Paraskevaidis in the video:

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