Greek Government Proposes Major Democratic Reform with Postal Voting Bill

The Hellenic Initiative Australia is delighted to invite you to join them for the 6th live webinar in its Digital Conversation Series with Niki Kerameus, Minister of the Interior of the Hellenic Republic. 

In a significant move set to reshape the electoral landscape, the Greek government is gearing up to submit a bill introducing postal voting to Parliament on Monday. Interior Minister Niki Kerameus sees the support from major opposition parties, including New Democracy, SYRIZA, PASOK, and Course for Freedom, as a "promising signal for our political system."

Addressing criticisms labelling the initiative as an electoral ploy, Kerameus emphasizes the broad consensus reached on this major democratic reform. She points out that the proposed postal voting system aims to make exercising the right to vote more accessible and to deepen democracy.

One of the primary concerns raised has been the potential compromise of elections with the involvement of private postal companies. Kerameus addresses this by assuring that strict standards will be in place and private providers will have no means to interfere with voters' choices. She highlights the government's commitment to adopting best practices from countries where postal voting is already implemented, incorporating additional safeguards for secrecy and transparency.

The initial focus of the legislative initiative is on European elections and referendums, with national elections expected to be discussed at a later date. The proposed bill reflects a concerted effort to modernize Greece's electoral processes, bringing them in line with international practices and enhancing citizens' participation in the democratic process.

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