Haunted by Memory, Hope Unfurls: "Famagusta" Premieres on Mega TV

Turkish invasion of Cyprus & the barbaric murders of innocent citizens in #Famagusta. 50 years on, it promises to be a gripping & fascinating reminder of the unspeakable tragedy they lived through, life lessons for

Get ready to be swept away by "Famagusta," a new drama series premiering this Sunday on Mega TV. More than just entertainment, it's a journey into the heart of grief, resilience, and the enduring search for truth in the aftermath of the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus.


In the sun-drenched summer of 1974, bombs shatter the idyllic life of Christina. In the chaos, she loses her precious son, a wound that festers even as she builds a new family with her husband, Andreas. Fifty years later, the shadow of that loss still chills their lives.

Enter Michael, a British-raised Greek Cypriot returning to his ancestral land to film a documentary about the invasion. As he delves into eyewitness accounts, the past starts to whisper secrets. The threads of his own life intertwine with Christina's story in a way that promises both shattering revelations and, against all odds, a glimmer of hope.

Experience the power of memory and the unyielding hunger for closure in "Famagusta." Starring Giannis Bezos, Koralia Karanti, and Christos Loulis, this emotional rollercoaster promises to grip audiences across generations. Tune in this Sunday on Mega TV and uncover the truths buried beneath the sands of time.


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