FrieslandCampina receives €561,000 fine for unfair profits from baby formula

FrieslandCampina baby formula

Development Minister Kostas Skrekas ordered a 561,000-euro fine on FrieslandCampina Hellas SA, a dairy products company, for violating article 54 of the law 5045/29-07-2023 on curbing unfair profit margins, after inspections conducted by the Interagency for Market Control Unit (DIMEA), the ministry announced on Tuesday.

The ministry said that, after inspecting on a series of product codes, it was found that for nine such codes, including ones for infant formula, the company had earned higher profits than Greek law permits.

In statements, Skrekas said: "Today we announce a very high fine on one of the best known companies specialising, among others, in baby formula. No unfair profiteering will be tolerated. Supporting families is a priority for the government."

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