Greek Dairy Giant Fined €561,000 for Inflated Baby Formula Prices

Friesland Campina Hellas SA

A Greek branch of an international dairy cooperative has been hit with a hefty €561,000 fine for charging excessive prices, including on baby formula, in violation of laws aimed at preventing profiteering, the Development Ministry announced.

The Interagency for Market Control Unit (DIMEA) conducted inspections and found that FrieslandCampina Hellas SA violated Article 54 of Law 5045/29-07-2023, prohibiting unfair profit margins. Specifically, the company was found to be charging higher-than-permitted prices on nine of its products.

"Unfair profiteering will not be tolerated," declared Development Minister Kostas Skrekas. "Supporting families is a priority for the government, and we will take firm action against any company that tries to exploit consumers during difficult times."

The Ministry's inspections are ongoing, targeting several large multinational companies in various sectors, including detergents, coffee, breakfast cereals, household cleaners, and pesticides.

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